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Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Do We Mean When We Say Quality Granite Tile?

When you purchase granite tile for your kitchen counters from Easy Granite Tile, you get unbeatable quality. But what does this mean? To start it means you get only the finest granite tile... but on top of that we hand inspect every tile.

If you purchase tile at a big box home improvement store, do you know what to look for when you check your tile? At Easy Granite Tile we do. Every tile is checked for color, to be sure all of the tiles we ship to you match perfectly. Granite tile is natural stone. That means the color varies. Our inspections ensure your counters will have tile of a consistent color.

We also inspect each tile for imperfections, scratches, grain and damage. Sometimes the imperfection can be so slight that the untrained eye will not notice... except it won't look quite right once it's installed in your kitchen.

At Easy Granite Tile we're the experts. Every tile we ship is individually inspected and that means you get unbeatable quality when you buy your granite tile from Easy Granite Tile.

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