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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Counter Ends: Walls and Cabinets

We received a very good question a while back that think, along with the answer, might be helpful to some of you do-it-yourselfers out there. So, here it is:

In the calculator, I’m confused about short and long “wall” vs. “cabinet”. In my U shaped kitchen, the counter edge on the left side is exposed and is the depth of my counter (24”) with cabinetry underneath. I don’t want to tile the side of the cabinet, I’m just looking for a finished edge on that end of the counter. So do I say “long wall” or “long cabinet”?

Regarding the “wall” vs. “cabinet” cabinet question: the selection of wall terminations, (i.e., Long/Short Wall and Long/Short Cabinet) represent end of counter situations where the counter actually runs up against and contacts a wall or cabinet. The side of the wall or cabinet must be higher than the counter level for these to apply. Your “cabinetry underneath” leads me to think that you are referring to the cabinetry under the counter. If that is the case, you have an open corner and don’t have to be concerned, just leave the end open on the diagram. If, however, I am misunderstanding your question, and the cabinet on the end is above the counter level, the program assumes that you do not want backsplash applied to the cabinet.

I hope this is helpful.

The Granite Tile Guy



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