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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Change at EasyGraniteTile.comâ„¢ can Save in Freight Costs

(Note: Due to the importance of this announcement, I have decided to interrupt my series of articles comparing hand and machine polishing of granite tile.)

It was not long after launching that we realized we were going to have to provide a more sophisticated method of calculating our shipping costs. While the program we developed to automatically generate a quote that included the cost of the granite tile, edging, and freight worked as designed, it actually worked too well.

Since many kitchens are made up of combinations of our Planning Layouts (i.e., L-Shaped counter plus an Island), when quotes were generated through our Easy Tile Calculatorâ„¢ for each module, a freight quote was generated for each layout. This resulted in multiple, unnecessary, freight charges. And while we quickly recognized that this needed to be corrected, the solution proved to be much more of a challenge than anticipated.

However, the multiple-order function for our website is now operating for calculating freight charges. This function allows our customers to combine up to five different counters on a single freight calculation. Though we have run a considerable number of test calculations and we have a high level of confidence in the new program, there is always the possibility that we may have missed something. So, we are very interested in knowing if any of our potential customers run into any problems. You may contact us by email at, or by phone at 1-877-EZTILE1 (1-877-398-4531).

At, we are working hard to help you do a great job on your granite tile counters at the best possible price.

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