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Friday, May 15, 2009

Granite Tile – Not Too Tough for the Right Machine!

In my last post I discussed the characteristics of granite and how the same properties that make granite tile so desirable (i.e., its hardness and varied chemical & mineral composition) also make it very difficult to polish by hand. Today it is my goal to demonstrate why these very same characteristics make granite ideal for precision machining and polishing.

It is good to remember that with granite, as well as other materials, polishing is merely a process of making the surface smooth enough for light to reflect uniformly off the surface, in this case, allowing the unique color of the granite to shine through. Any variations in the surface smoothness will show-up as waves, scratches, or dullness. Automating the process of polishing the face of a granite tile was relatively simple since the surface is flat; essentially two-dimensional. This mechanical polishing process has been around for some time and to know how well it works, all you have to do is hold a piece of granite tile up to the light!

What has not been around so long is a machining process that leaves the same precision manufactured finish on the bullnosed edge that is found on the face of the granite tile. The folks at Easy Granite Tile were among the first to recognize the value and importance of a precision manufactured bullnose for granite tile. By solving the technical problems surrounding the manufacture of a polished, three-dimensional surface they have made it possible for the do-it-yourself home craftsman to install a truly professional looking granite tile countertop.

In my next post I will spend more time discussing the solution to the machine polishing problem and show how machine polished bullnosing can make your granite tile counter installation easier than you thought possible as well as more beautiful.

With™ you really can do a great job yourself on your own kitchen (and bathroom) countertops!
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