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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Granite Tile + Machine Polishing = Professional Looking Countertop!

In my last few posts I have been discussing the various characteristics of granite and how they impact the edging or fabrication process. Today I want to spend some time on the machine polishing process and show how it can benefit the do-it-yourself installer.

A customer recently asked me, “Why can’t I buy tile with your quality edging direct from the factory?” I responded, “You can, at MY factory!”

That just illustrates how Americans expect to be able to get factory quality for just about anything they purchase and edging for granite tile countertops is no exception. The machine polishing process developed by the folks at Easy Granite Tile is here to meet that expectation.

After all, it is the details that make the job professional looking. When someone walks into a room, it is the edges on the countertop that will either highlight or take away from the job's first impression. And, some of the benefits of Easy Granite Tile’s machine polished process include:

• Bullnose edges which always match from tile to tile
• Tiles that are dimensionally consistent from front to back
• The polished bullnosed edge is free of waves and visual defects
• The finish of the bullnosed edge matches the factory finish on the face or top surface.

With these advantages from, you really can do a professional looking job on your own granite tile countertop!

The Granite Tile Guy

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