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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Granite Tile + Machine Polishing = Professional Looking Countertop!

In my last few posts I have been discussing the various characteristics of granite and how they impact the edging or fabrication process. Today I want to spend some time on the machine polishing process and show how it can benefit the do-it-yourself installer.

A customer recently asked me, “Why can’t I buy tile with your quality edging direct from the factory?” I responded, “You can, at MY factory!”

That just illustrates how Americans expect to be able to get factory quality for just about anything they purchase and edging for granite tile countertops is no exception. The machine polishing process developed by the folks at Easy Granite Tile is here to meet that expectation.

After all, it is the details that make the job professional looking. When someone walks into a room, it is the edges on the countertop that will either highlight or take away from the job's first impression. And, some of the benefits of Easy Granite Tile’s machine polished process include:

• Bullnose edges which always match from tile to tile
• Tiles that are dimensionally consistent from front to back
• The polished bullnosed edge is free of waves and visual defects
• The finish of the bullnosed edge matches the factory finish on the face or top surface.

With these advantages from, you really can do a professional looking job on your own granite tile countertop!

The Granite Tile Guy

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Granite Tile – Not Too Tough for the Right Machine!

In my last post I discussed the characteristics of granite and how the same properties that make granite tile so desirable (i.e., its hardness and varied chemical & mineral composition) also make it very difficult to polish by hand. Today it is my goal to demonstrate why these very same characteristics make granite ideal for precision machining and polishing.

It is good to remember that with granite, as well as other materials, polishing is merely a process of making the surface smooth enough for light to reflect uniformly off the surface, in this case, allowing the unique color of the granite to shine through. Any variations in the surface smoothness will show-up as waves, scratches, or dullness. Automating the process of polishing the face of a granite tile was relatively simple since the surface is flat; essentially two-dimensional. This mechanical polishing process has been around for some time and to know how well it works, all you have to do is hold a piece of granite tile up to the light!

What has not been around so long is a machining process that leaves the same precision manufactured finish on the bullnosed edge that is found on the face of the granite tile. The folks at Easy Granite Tile were among the first to recognize the value and importance of a precision manufactured bullnose for granite tile. By solving the technical problems surrounding the manufacture of a polished, three-dimensional surface they have made it possible for the do-it-yourself home craftsman to install a truly professional looking granite tile countertop.

In my next post I will spend more time discussing the solution to the machine polishing problem and show how machine polished bullnosing can make your granite tile counter installation easier than you thought possible as well as more beautiful.

With™ you really can do a great job yourself on your own kitchen (and bathroom) countertops!
The Granite Tile Guy

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Granite Tile -- Tough! And even tougher to polish!

Sometimes when I am looking at a sample display of granite tiles, I have to remind myself that granite is rock; very hard and tough rock. The variety of colors and crystalline structures that are available in granite tile continues to amaze me. There are over 40 different colors of granite tile on the market today. It is this wide selection of colors that enables the home decorator to find just the right granite tile for any kitchen countertop.

Every tile color has its own distinct mineral content. Differences in the chemical makeup of a mineral not only affect the color, they also affect the hardness of the granite itself. And, this variation in the mineral make-up of each type of granite requires a different technique for polishing.

Until relatively recently, the only option for bullnosing granite tiles was hand polishing. And hand polishing a bullnose to a finish that is close to the finish of the tile face is a skill that requires a great deal of practice as well as instruction. The hand polisher learns that different crystal colors require different hand pressures as well as different rpm settings for the polishing tool. The hand polisher also learns by experience that there are some colors of granite that are so hard, that they are nearly impossible to polish by hand. Some granite minerals have a tendency to burn when they hit a certain temperature making the material dull.

While factories that process granite tile are very adept at taking into account all of these differences in mineral content with their industrial polishing systems, very, very few home craftsmen are.

But with™ you can do a great job yourself on your own kitchen (and bathroom) countertops and not have to worry about any of this!
In my next post, I’ll explain why.

The Granite Tile Guy

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Change at™ can Save in Freight Costs

(Note: Due to the importance of this announcement, I have decided to interrupt my series of articles comparing hand and machine polishing of granite tile.)

It was not long after launching that we realized we were going to have to provide a more sophisticated method of calculating our shipping costs. While the program we developed to automatically generate a quote that included the cost of the granite tile, edging, and freight worked as designed, it actually worked too well.

Since many kitchens are made up of combinations of our Planning Layouts (i.e., L-Shaped counter plus an Island), when quotes were generated through our Easy Tile Calculator™ for each module, a freight quote was generated for each layout. This resulted in multiple, unnecessary, freight charges. And while we quickly recognized that this needed to be corrected, the solution proved to be much more of a challenge than anticipated.

However, the multiple-order function for our website is now operating for calculating freight charges. This function allows our customers to combine up to five different counters on a single freight calculation. Though we have run a considerable number of test calculations and we have a high level of confidence in the new program, there is always the possibility that we may have missed something. So, we are very interested in knowing if any of our potential customers run into any problems. You may contact us by email at, or by phone at 1-877-EZTILE1 (1-877-398-4531).

At, we are working hard to help you do a great job on your granite tile counters at the best possible price.

The Granite Tile Guy


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Granite Tile Kitchen Counters – Easy, with Machine Polished Edges!

Another customer in our local market recently decided to have the granite tile for his wife’s kitchen countertop machine polished after trying to hand edge and polish the job himself. He told me that an equipment dealer had convinced him that hand-polishing granite tile wasn't that hard to do. And since he considered himself a fairly handy craftsman, it was an easy sale. But, after destroying several tiles and a whole Saturday, he came to the same conclusion that most do-it-yourselfers come to: granite tile is not only hard -- it is hard to work with!

And that’s one of the main reasons the folks at™ developed their precision machine polishing system. They reasoned that since the top surface of the granite tile used for kitchen countertops is machine-ground and polished to a visually perfect finish, why not the bullnosed edge also? Good question.

And since it is a good question, I thought I would make a few posts discussing granite tile and what makes it so beautiful, desirable, and hard to work with all at the same time.
So, in my next few posts, I plan to deal with the subject of granite tile, what makes it so hard to polish, and why you don’t have to worry about it!

With™ you really can do a great job yourself on your own kitchen (and bathroom) countertops!

The Granite Tile Guy

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