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Friday, February 20, 2009

With Easy Granite Tile’s Machine Polished Edging You Can Do a Better Job on your granite countertop than you ever thought possible.

On our home page we link to a very fine article published by Readers’ Digest’s The Family Handyman entitled, “How to Install Granite Tile Kitchen Countertops.” The first sentence reads, “Granite tiles are as easy to install as ceramic tile, except for the edges.”
“Except for the edges…”

The greatest challenge for any installer is getting a quality edge or bullnose on the exposed edges of the granite tile. Granite is hard – Very Hard. (Maybe that is why they call it granite?) And polishing granite edges so that their finish matches the top face requires training and practice – a lot of practice. That is why the people at Easy Granite Tile™ developed our machine profiling and polishing system.

Precision machinery is what makes possible a consistent standard of quality in any manufacturing business. This is especially true when working with a material as hard as granite. Easy Granite Tile™ has perfected the most precise tile-edging technology available anywhere. Our quality is unsurpassed. The surfaces of our bull-nosed edges match the face of our natural stone tiles in both dimensional consistency and finish. Every edge is machined and polished to a consistent 5/16” radius bull-nose by our unique machining process.

Only with precision, MACHINE POLISHED, FACTORY EDGING is it possible to achieve a truly professional looking installation. The accuracy of our machining and polishing equipment ensures that the finish on the bull nosed edge not only matches the finish on the top, but it also makes an exact edge-to-edge fit of your tiles possible. And that is the key to a professional-looking tile job.
With Easy Granite Tile™, you CAN do it yourself and have the professional looking job you want and can be proud of.

The Granite Tile Guy

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