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Monday, February 16, 2009

What about Granite and Radon Gas?

“Is it true that granite is a source of radon gas?” In the past few months that question has come up more and more frequently. So, I thought I would do a little research on the topic.

Since this has become a matter of interest for the public, an extensive series of tests were recently conducted on all of the major types of granite used for countertops. As a result of these tests, it was determined that granite counters are not a significant source of radon gas. And, the small amount of the gas found was far below the level even requiring reporting by the EPA.

According to a report published by Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc., “doses of ionizing radiation emitted from granite countertops are well below levels that would pose a health concern and contributions from granite countertops to radon levels in homes are lower than background levels of radon exposure typically found outdoors and indoors.”

In other words, granite countertops are NOT a radon safety hazard.

The report also states that in a common home, “the surface area potentially emitting radon may be 40 times higher for gypsum (sheet rock) than for granite countertops, and 10 times higher for concrete.”

To read the entire report, log on to

In summary, granite is not a significant source of radon gas. And when compared with other manufactured products commonly found in homes (i.e., sheet rock and concrete) that are sources of radon, it is even less significant.

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I am very much thankful for this information. Your blog really explain well about the granite radon emission.

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