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Friday, February 13, 2009

Granite Tile Kitchen Countertops: You Can Do a Great Job Yourself with the Easy Tile Calculator™, Part 2.

Question: “Why is there no provision for sink or oven on the layout plans provided?”

At first glance, the schematic diagrams for Easy Granite Tile’s™ Easy Tile Calculator™ may appear incomplete because there is no provision for sink or oven in the layouts provided. As I will explain below, the impact of the sink or oven on the kitchen layout was thoughtfully considered.

The location of the sink in the layout has no impact at all on either the amount of edging needed for the completion of the counter top and very little impact on the amount of tile. In many cases, the cutout for the sink will be taken from each of the tiles impacted. With larger sinks, the impact is one, or possibly, two tiles. In other words, the potential impact by the footprint of the sink cutout is so small that its impact on the final total is negligible.

The impact of the oven on the layout is similar. With the loss of tile due to overlapping, the impact on the number of tiles can be as little as two tiles and, less frequently, as much as four. Our experience with granite tile countertops has always been that it is always better to have a few extra than being short of tile on a job. That is why many professional tile setters use the extra tiles in the stove placement to make up part of extras in their calculations.

Just another reason you can count on Easy Granite Tile™ and our Easy Tile Calculator™ to help you do a great job on your kitchen or bath countertop!

The Granite Tile Guy

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