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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Granite Tile Countertops: You Can Do a Great Job Yourself with the Easy Tile Calculator™.

As a result of our experience in helping literally hundreds of do-it-yourselfers with their tile edging needs, we found that one of the greatest difficulties the home craftsman has is accurately calculating the amount of tile and edging necessary to complete the job. That is the reason Easy Granite Tile has developed the Easy Tile Calculator™.

The most common mistake made by homeowners (and sometimes even professional granite tile installers) is not ordering enough tile or bullnosed edges. The result is a shortage of tiles or machined edges necessary to complete the installation. The problem of tile shortages can be much more significant than just the cost of ordering and shipping replacement tiles. Finding replacement granite tiles that match the color of the original order can be a real problem because granite color can vary from lot to lot. And there is also the frustration of the completion of an entire installation being put on hold for just one tile or edge.

The Easy Tile Calculator™ was designed to provide an accurate estimate of your granite tile countertop job while minimizing the chance of making the most common mistakes. These mistakes include: failure to include enough material for self edge and/or backsplash, using exact countertop square inches to determine the number of tiles, or just measuring the countertop incorrectly.

To use the Easy Tile Calculator™, just click on a “BEGIN HERE” button on any of the browse pages, enter your Zip Code, and follow the prompts. The Easy Tile Calculator™ will calculate the amount of tile required, calculate the number and types of edges needed, include additional tiles and edges to cover unexpected shortages, and calculate shipping charges.

Just another reason why with Easy Granite Tile, You Can Do a Great Granite Job Yourself!

The Granite Tile Guy

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