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Friday, February 20, 2009

With Easy Granite Tile’s Machine Polished Edging You Can Do a Better Job on your granite countertop than you ever thought possible.

On our home page we link to a very fine article published by Readers’ Digest’s The Family Handyman entitled, “How to Install Granite Tile Kitchen Countertops.” The first sentence reads, “Granite tiles are as easy to install as ceramic tile, except for the edges.”
“Except for the edges…”

The greatest challenge for any installer is getting a quality edge or bullnose on the exposed edges of the granite tile. Granite is hard – Very Hard. (Maybe that is why they call it granite?) And polishing granite edges so that their finish matches the top face requires training and practice – a lot of practice. That is why the people at Easy Granite Tile™ developed our machine profiling and polishing system.

Precision machinery is what makes possible a consistent standard of quality in any manufacturing business. This is especially true when working with a material as hard as granite. Easy Granite Tile™ has perfected the most precise tile-edging technology available anywhere. Our quality is unsurpassed. The surfaces of our bull-nosed edges match the face of our natural stone tiles in both dimensional consistency and finish. Every edge is machined and polished to a consistent 5/16” radius bull-nose by our unique machining process.

Only with precision, MACHINE POLISHED, FACTORY EDGING is it possible to achieve a truly professional looking installation. The accuracy of our machining and polishing equipment ensures that the finish on the bull nosed edge not only matches the finish on the top, but it also makes an exact edge-to-edge fit of your tiles possible. And that is the key to a professional-looking tile job.
With Easy Granite Tile™, you CAN do it yourself and have the professional looking job you want and can be proud of.

The Granite Tile Guy

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Monday, February 16, 2009

What about Granite and Radon Gas?

“Is it true that granite is a source of radon gas?” In the past few months that question has come up more and more frequently. So, I thought I would do a little research on the topic.

Since this has become a matter of interest for the public, an extensive series of tests were recently conducted on all of the major types of granite used for countertops. As a result of these tests, it was determined that granite counters are not a significant source of radon gas. And, the small amount of the gas found was far below the level even requiring reporting by the EPA.

According to a report published by Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc., “doses of ionizing radiation emitted from granite countertops are well below levels that would pose a health concern and contributions from granite countertops to radon levels in homes are lower than background levels of radon exposure typically found outdoors and indoors.”

In other words, granite countertops are NOT a radon safety hazard.

The report also states that in a common home, “the surface area potentially emitting radon may be 40 times higher for gypsum (sheet rock) than for granite countertops, and 10 times higher for concrete.”

To read the entire report, log on to

In summary, granite is not a significant source of radon gas. And when compared with other manufactured products commonly found in homes (i.e., sheet rock and concrete) that are sources of radon, it is even less significant.

The Granite Tile Guy

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

With Easy Granite Tile™, You Can Do a Great Job Yourself and Increase the Market Value of your Home.

Granite kitchen countertops have become one of the most desirable features in homes over the last decade. And in today’s tough housing market granite counters have become one of the features in highest demand by the increasingly sophisticated and value-conscious home buyer. The public has become aware of the benefits of natural stone and anyone selling a home these days knows how important it is to have what the buying public wants.

But how is the homeowner who doesn’t have granite countertops going to be able to offer that advantage to the very astute and cost conscious buyer? Granite slab is still very expensive and other alternative granite products, though they cost somewhat less than slab, are still very expensive and can be difficult to install.

The answer is granite tile with a machine polished edge. As I said in an earlier post, granite tile has the same characteristics as slab granite, is well suited for installation by the do-it-yourself homeowner, and the cost can be as much as a third of that of slab. Again, the major drawback to homeowner installed granite tile has been applying a quality bullnosed edge to the tile. But, with Easy Granite Tile’s machine polished edges it is now possible for the homeowner / home-seller to add “granite kitchen countertops” to his sales ad or brochure at the lowest possible cost and offer the quality his potential buyer is looking for.

The home seller needs every advantage he can get to sell his home and Easy Granite Tile is ready with the biggest advantage of all.

The Granite Tile Guy

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Granite Tile Kitchen Countertops: You Can Do a Great Job Yourself with the Easy Tile Calculator™, Part 2.

Question: “Why is there no provision for sink or oven on the layout plans provided?”

At first glance, the schematic diagrams for Easy Granite Tile’s™ Easy Tile Calculator™ may appear incomplete because there is no provision for sink or oven in the layouts provided. As I will explain below, the impact of the sink or oven on the kitchen layout was thoughtfully considered.

The location of the sink in the layout has no impact at all on either the amount of edging needed for the completion of the counter top and very little impact on the amount of tile. In many cases, the cutout for the sink will be taken from each of the tiles impacted. With larger sinks, the impact is one, or possibly, two tiles. In other words, the potential impact by the footprint of the sink cutout is so small that its impact on the final total is negligible.

The impact of the oven on the layout is similar. With the loss of tile due to overlapping, the impact on the number of tiles can be as little as two tiles and, less frequently, as much as four. Our experience with granite tile countertops has always been that it is always better to have a few extra than being short of tile on a job. That is why many professional tile setters use the extra tiles in the stove placement to make up part of extras in their calculations.

Just another reason you can count on Easy Granite Tile™ and our Easy Tile Calculator™ to help you do a great job on your kitchen or bath countertop!

The Granite Tile Guy

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Granite Tile Countertops: You Can Do a Great Job Yourself with the Easy Tile Calculator™.

As a result of our experience in helping literally hundreds of do-it-yourselfers with their tile edging needs, we found that one of the greatest difficulties the home craftsman has is accurately calculating the amount of tile and edging necessary to complete the job. That is the reason Easy Granite Tile has developed the Easy Tile Calculator™.

The most common mistake made by homeowners (and sometimes even professional granite tile installers) is not ordering enough tile or bullnosed edges. The result is a shortage of tiles or machined edges necessary to complete the installation. The problem of tile shortages can be much more significant than just the cost of ordering and shipping replacement tiles. Finding replacement granite tiles that match the color of the original order can be a real problem because granite color can vary from lot to lot. And there is also the frustration of the completion of an entire installation being put on hold for just one tile or edge.

The Easy Tile Calculator™ was designed to provide an accurate estimate of your granite tile countertop job while minimizing the chance of making the most common mistakes. These mistakes include: failure to include enough material for self edge and/or backsplash, using exact countertop square inches to determine the number of tiles, or just measuring the countertop incorrectly.

To use the Easy Tile Calculator™, just click on a “BEGIN HERE” button on any of the browse pages, enter your Zip Code, and follow the prompts. The Easy Tile Calculator™ will calculate the amount of tile required, calculate the number and types of edges needed, include additional tiles and edges to cover unexpected shortages, and calculate shipping charges.

Just another reason why with Easy Granite Tile, You Can Do a Great Granite Job Yourself!

The Granite Tile Guy

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Granite Tile: You Can Do a Great Job Yourself in the Color You Want.

Color variability is one of the realities of working with any natural stone, and granite is no exception. Easy Granite Tile has gone to extra lengths to provide a color-consistent line of granite tile, but the challenge of providing our customers with the exact granite product that they want does not end there.

In doing business over the internet, we are all limited in our ability to compare colors by the degree of calibration of our own video displays. That is why Easy Granite Tile has developed our Color Assurance Program (CAP.) With our CAP Program we are able to ensure that there is no misunderstanding between Easy Granite Tile and our customers with regard to the actual color of granite tile that will be in your order.

Once an order is placed and the tile has been selected, a sample of tile from the order is pulled and express-shipped to our customer’s doorstep for approval. This ensures that the color of tile our customer wanted is the color of tile he or she receives. (We also polish one edge on the sample tile.) No fabrication of any kind will be performed on the tile order until we have received color confirmation. Once a confirmation is received from our customer, we process and ship the order.

Just another reason that with Easy Granite Tile, You Can Do a Great Granite Job Yourself!

In my next post I will be showing you how Easy it is to plan your tile job using

The Granite Tile Guy

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Granite Tile: You Can Do a Great Job Yourself at 1/3 the Cost.

In the last couple of decades, America has discovered natural stone as a covering for countertops. Natural stone, especially granite, has characteristics that make it the ideal replacement for older, existing kitchen counters. It has very desirable heat resistance and strength properties, is available in a wide variety of colors, and has a natural beauty that is very appealing.

Slab granite is the choice for many who have opted for natural stone; however, the cost for a quality installation is often prohibitive and because of the specialized skills and tools necessary, is not suitable for the do-it-yourselfer. This is where granite tile comes in. Granite tile has the same characteristics as slab granite, but is well suited for installation by the homeowner and many homeowners and do-it-yourselfers have done just that. But, nearly all of them will agree that the most difficult part of doing a quality job is getting a quality bullnosed edge on their new countertop.

Many homeowners who are very skilled with working with wood confidently approach their new granite tile countertop project only to find out that no one told them that the edges needed to be bullnosed and that getting an accurate radius applied to their tile is a major problem. Just finding someone who is willing edge the tile can be a major problem, and then, how does the homeowner know what kind of quality he is to expect?

The other possibility is doing the edging himself. But, few home craftsmen have the tools necessary to bullnose their own granite, and when they investigate what the cost this equipment is, the economics of this project become very questionable. Then, if the homeowner goes ahead and invests in the equipment to do the job himself, he makes another discovery: granite is not wood! It has a whole different feel to the hands of the craftsman and is much less forgiving.
Another major problem is the planning of the job and knowing for with confidence that he is ordering the right amount of tile so that he will have enough tile to finish the job so that additional tiles (which could come from a different color lot) would not have to be purchased.

That is where Easy Granite Tile comes in. Easy Granite Tile is a business built upon many years of experience providing custom tile edging services for literally thousands of kitchen and bathroom countertop installations using the most accurate machine polishing equipment available anywhere. And, Easy Granite Tile is now providing the best in granite tile with a perfect edge to your door step, so that You Can Do a Great Granite Job Yourself!
I am looking forward explaining how You Can in future posts.

The Granite Tile Guy

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